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Our Vision
Our Aim & Objective
5 Milestone

Vision of the college

1- Originality of research.
2- A good collaboration and approach with the students.
3- Honors of curiosity.
4- Reliability of methods of teaching (modernized methods of teaching –use of O.H.P, L.C.D. etc.)
5- Availability of modern resources.
6- To strengthen the values of humanity and culture.
7- To fulfill the national and global needs.
8- To build up the students to face the current era of competition.
9- Every class of the society get’s educated.
10- Awareness amongst women education in the society.
11- Not just to make good students .but to make good human-beings.

Mission of the college

1- To enhance the quality of education.
2- To promote the social and cultural program (national and inter-national)
3- To organize the orientation lectures for the direct interactions with the student
4- To spread nationality amongs the students.
5- To develop diverse skills among the student of the college.
6- To provide with equal job opportunities in the college for every student.
7- To give a healthy atmosphere in the college to the students

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