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The college was established in the year 1993 in the name of the DIVINE GURU BRAHASPATI. It is famous not only in the district Kanpur but also all over the State of U.P.  as the best institution of quality education and culture. Students of this college have made their significant presence in the sphere of education, culture, literature, sports knowledge and wisdom. For all this, the credit goes to their strong reason of the positive thinking and the vision of late Dr. Madhavi Lata Shukla, the founder president of B.M.P.G. College. She visualized women empowerment through education for which she was awarded by President of India as an educationist. Later on realizing the scarcity of higher education in the south city of Kanpur, she established this college with the able assistance of her son Mr. Ratnakar Shukla who is a poet, astrologer, social worker and managing director of Aslesha Chemical Pvt. Ltd. His high morals of life always inspired the institution to do the best for the society. He is founder manager and secretary of this institution. Under his able guidance the sky is the limit as far as the progress of the institution, and students is concerned.

It will be relevant to mention here that the institution made its beginning in adverse circumstances. The land belonging to the institution was under encroachment. As such college decided on humanitarian grounds to rehabilitate the inhabitants of the encroached land with the help of local authority in the year 2004. The college thereafter made speedy progress in the expansion of the college building offering additional facilities. The mother unit of this college is women education society which was established in 1956 by Dr. Madhavi Lata Shukla for the purpose of promoting women education. Brahaspati Mahila Mahavidyalaya, in the present shape and form, is the result of devoted efforts made by her. The College was founded purely for the betterment of women education with no commercial aim. As such, the college is providing higher education with nominal tuition fees and other charges.

It will be significant to quote over here that college was established in 1993 as an unaided college and as per U.G.C. norms College had to pay the salary of the staff for three years from its own resources. I am sorry to inform you that despite full filling all the conditions for getting the govt. salary and appointing candidates selected by the U.P.H.EC, college in still not getting the govt. grant to meet out the salary of the appointed teachers and matter is sub-judice in honorable H.C. The college is charging fee from the students equivalent to that of grant in aid college as per U.G.C. norms .Inspite of all these hurdles college is making notable progress with 98% results.

In her poetic style the college can be described in the following lines:-

‘Yahan Swarn Mat Khoj Yahan Manav Dhalta Hai,
Yah Mandir Hai Yahan Gyan Ka Deepak Jalta Hai.’

Today this small lamp as describe above, has changed into a wide spectrum of light. Presently in this institution, we have twelve subjects (Hindi language, Hindi literature, English language, English literature, Sanskrit, Economics, Education, Home science, Sociology, Drawing & Painting, Music, History.) of arts at under graduation  level and four subjects (Hindi, Home science. education, sociology) at P.G. level and five subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Math.) of science stream  at U.G. level. Besides this, we have B.Ed. & B.B.A. departments along with professional courses (Fashion designing, Travel &Tourism management, Office management, Journalism & Mass Communication and computer application) Looking into the increasing use of computer in the context of globalization needs, we have further started essential computer education at basic level to all our students. Above all it needs to be mentioned that under the able guidance of Mr. Ratnakar Shukla, the founder manager of the college, the college achieved high graphic progress in obtaining the permanent recognition & affiliation under the unaided institution in the year 2000 from C.S.J.M. University Kanpur and on the 17th Feb 2003 the college was recognized under section 2f & 12b of the UGC act 1956.

1. Academic committee - We have constituted an Academic committee consisting of experienced lecturers and subject specialists. Its function is to suggest ways and means for designing professional courses as per the global needs and for enhancement of education level. Accordingly it has designed syllabus of Fashion Designing, Journalism & Mass Communication, and Office Management, Travel & Tourism Management and also the Computer Application and basic computer course.

The committee has recently suggested graduation of students in three categories A (excellent), B (average), C (weak) and suggested a self teaching /learning technique. Under the self-learning technique, the students of A category were asked to give help to the students of C category. This has given good results. It was observed that the students easily share their problem among themselves. This has helped lecturers to know the psychological cause behind low level of C grade students and after knowing the causes of their poor performance in the studies, the rectification of short comings was made through counseling.

2. Committees for Students Welfare - We have under mentioned committees for the development of college and welfare and upliftment of the students:-

  1. Academic committee
  2. Student welfare committee
  3. Grievance committee
  4. Student parents committee
  5. Library committee
  6. Purchasing committee
  7. Disciplinary committee
  8. Alumini committee
  9. Cultural committee
  10. Examination Committee
  11. Publishing Committee
  12. Environment Committee 
  13. Employment Committee etc.
Committees noted above have been helpful in solving the problems of students and college.

3.Vishva Madhavi Research Centre   - The college is registered as research centre  for Hindi and Home Science by CSJMU Kanpur . As none of the lecturer of college of these subjects are approved as research guide by Kanpur university (the papers are in process) so students belonging from outside campus are taking benefit of research centre and lecturers of the college are helping them as centre guide.

4. Gandhi  study centre – Gandhi research centre is establish in the year 2010 under the aegis of U.G.C New Delhi. In this centre more than 100 students are benefited by the research work on the epoch thinker Mahatma Gandhi, workshop & National Seminar short term courses are arranged accordingly on the Gandhian Philosophy.

5. Research work - The proposal of research center has been submitted to C.S.J.M. University Kanpur approval of which is awaited. At this stage dissertation (research work) in Hindi and Home Science, M.A. II is been conducted as per the requirement of the students. Dr. Saumini Singh lecturer of the B.Ed. department has successfully completed Minor Research project entitled “GUPTAKALIN (SWARNYUG) SABHAYATA KE UTKARSH KA SAMIKSHATMAK ADHYAN’’ and one major project on “BHAKTI KAL MAIN PARYATAN KE AWSAR AVM YOGDAN” is still going on. Another lecturer of Hindi department Dr. Prabha Dixit proposal entitled “DR. MADHAVI LATA SHUKLA KE KAVYA ME BHARTIYA DARSHANIK CHINTAN’’ has been completed and one Minor research work entitled “BHARTIYA KALA AUR ADHUNIK KALA KI KADI AMRATA SHERGIL” of Dr. Dipti Chauhan department of drawing has been completed. Dr. Vimmi Sonkar has submitted the minor project sponsored by U.G.C. on the topic “VARTMAN SANDARBH MAIN DR. RAM MANOHARI LOHIYA KE RAJNETIK, SAMAJIK JEEVAN PAR SAMAGRA ADHAYAN” and one more minor project submitted by Mrs. Neeta Agnihotri on the topic “SICHIT AWAM ASIKCHIT MATA KE BALKO MAIN AKRAMAKTA KE DISHA AWAM AVM NIRASHA KE PRATI KRIYAO KE RUPO KA TULNATMAK ADHYAN”. One more Minor research work entitled “VARTMAAN PARIPREKSHYA ME CHHATRA AATMAHATYA KE KAARAN AUR NIVARAN KE UPAAYE” of Dr. Shalini Tiwari department of education and “MALIN BASTIYON MAI SHIKSHA KI ISTITHI AUR UNNAYAN KE PRAYAS” Ms. Vineeta Yadav department of B.Ed. has already been approved by UGC Several major and minor research proposals are awaited for their acceptance from the UGC.

In the Gandhi Study Center more than 100 students are persuing their research work.

6. Sports - The sports have its prime importance among the students as sport develops spirit of accepting challenges and competitiveness in a healthy atmosphere. The college has records of achievements in sports. With limited facilities, college has proved itself to be as a leading institution in sports specially winner of overall championship, athletic championship and women championship 2008 of CSJM University Kanpur. It has won many inter university games with the individual performance of the students. They also got recognition breaking national record of Hammer Throw by Student of the College name Gunjan singh. More than a dozen students had Succeed in Getting Government job by their outstanding performance in the sports in last three years.

7. Gym - With the limited Facilities College provides small gym, yoga and judo-karate with the help of different coaches. Gym is equipped with treadmill a barracker, dumble and weights etc, facilities for warming up the sport student before the game. A proposal is submitted to U.G.C for the further advancement of gym in the College.

8. Library - College has a semi-computerized central library, well equipped to accommodate 50 students at a time to consult, read and write. It is having 15200 books along with 49 national /international journals and 8 periodicals.

9. Co-curricular activities - Educational camps, medical camps, women empowerment camps, traffic control camps, health sanitation camps, blood donor camps are organized in the campus of the college to encourage co-curricular activities. Besides these, we also celebrate national festivals and Jayanties with high spirit with the support of the government offices and the NGO’s.

10. Workshop and exhibition The workshops and exhibitions are organized from time to time by different departments of the college. This is the main feature of the college this works to promote professional skills among the students. To create more interest in these activities the college is providing a procedure of selling of item in the sale organized by the college on the eve of annual function this helps in developing commercial attitude and by doing so students and parents get economic gain which always maintains interest in such activities throughout the year.

11. Remedial Coaching/ NET/SLET & Entry Messages -  College is running remedial coaching classes for promoting the educational and career prospects of SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minority/ Disabled/ Economically Backward students, as per the U.G.C. scheme and grants sanctioned for this purpose. Coaching classes are also held for the students to get through the NET/SLET and other entrance examination. The goal of coaching is to develop the students from the weaker section for this present era of competition.

12.Backward Economic ZoneThe college is situated in the south city of Kanpur which is economically backward zone surrounded by villages. Most of the students come from poor families. Keeping the fact in view, the college grants scholarships and free books and fee concession to deserving needed students . Besides this the fees charged from arts faculty students  is same as that of the grant-in-aid colleges .College also gives financial support in the form of monthly stipend to the student of the BPL category for purchase of books and other study materials.

13. UGC Seminar/ Departmental Seminars – BMPG College is lead institution to organize the national seminars granted by UGC. and Home Seminar and orientation programme So far seven seminars have been successfully organized by the departments of Sanskrit, Education under the aegis of UGC. During the course of annual function seven different departments organized departmental seminars with grand success. Holding of seminars has helped creating healthy academic atmosphere for the Departments to interact.

14.Day Care Center- the college has established day care center from one time assistance from U.G.C. This center will entertain the children of working women and students of the college.

15. U.G.C. Network- Internet facility is available to the students as per U.G.C norms.

16. Labs - The existing labs of the college are as follows psycho lab, language lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, Home Science lab, ICT lab, zoology lab, botany lab, technical (computer) lab, drawing & painting lab, music lab, etc. Above-mentioned labs are as per   standard norms. For further advancement of labs, proposal has been sent to the UGC. We are trying to develop above mentioned labs as per the U.G.C norms.

17. Open auditorium - The College has a large open auditorium for staging miscellaneous activities like debates, annual functions, regular assembly and convocation at the center of the college campus with proper sound and light system. To cover the area of the auditorium, college is having its own tents and seats.

18. Seminar hall - The College is having a seminar hall for organizing indoor seminars and various other activities and is equipped with LCD projector and internal mike and sound system. A proposal for the construction of multipurpose hall has been submitted to U.G.C.

19. Student council  –To develop the leadership and for transparency of the system in the management,there student Council in the college .The best student are unanimously selected on the various posts of the student Council.

17. Proctorial board - The proctorial board is chosen from amongst the students by the disciplinary committee of the college on the basis of attendance and outstanding performance.

20. Common room - For the comfort and privacy of the students, the college is having a common room where the students can relax during their off hours. Separate common rooms are provided for boys and girls.

21. Cafeteria – The College is having an open cafeteria in beautiful location. A small and pure water fountain is located near by adding beauty and pleasurable atmosphere.

22. Campus hostel – In 2006, college opened a girl’s hostel in the campus of the college as per U.G.C. norms. It has 12 rooms with a capacity of 36 students. Among many modern facilities that have been provided in the hostel. Some of them are – a good infrastructure, a mess, water cooler for cold water, a sick room, 24- hrs. electric supply supported by inverter and generators ,round –the-clock security, a hostel warden , gym , a well lighted  study and reading room , a computerized library having course books besides various books of hobbies like music ,drawing and painting , beautician course , computer courses , bakery course (cake- making) . On the top of all these, there is a large lush –green lawn, a musical fountain that keeps the environment of the hostel and college, pollution – free and pleasant.

23. IT lab - Looking into the importance of increasing use of computer in global perspective, college has installed a computer lab equipped with 40 PCs with internet connection providing basic computer education to all its students. Further we have also provided a photocopier and a laser printer in the lab.

24. Teaching by technical means - College ensures that all its lecturers use technical means like LCD projectors, Overhead projector with transparent sheets, internet etc for making teaching method more effective as per global needs.

25. Career oriented courses (UGC) -  As per demand of  professional skills college has introduced professional courses added by UGC which is parallel to degree level three year courses (certificate/ diploma/ advance diploma) they are-

I) Fashion designing - This course contains history of fashion, sketching, stitching, drafting, pattern making, dripping, colour variations, shading, poster making, chart making, to study traditional textile all over the world.

II) Travel & tourism - The course contains Tourism and travel products of India, Tourism & travel management.

III) Journalism - The course contains basic of  journalism ,history of  journalism , the art of news writing, editing, reporting, history of press law and ethics. Digital camera, movie camera, internet facilities, colored printer, computers etc are available in the lab.

IV) Office management - The course contains Hindi shorthand, Hindi /English typing, Hindi /English computer operation, Typewriter (Hindi/English), computer etc are available in the lab.

V)Computer Application-This course contains the basic knowledge as well as advance knowledge of the computer .Like Operating System, Windows, FoxPro etc.

26.Equality Cell-College is also having an equality cell which adopts measures to do a  way the feeling of disparity among the different classes of the society.

27.Career counseling Cell -It helps the students to Choose the subjects according to their choice and future plans viewing their future career options and inclinations in different jobs.

We are continuously moving towards the goal. Entire staff of the Brahaspati Parastanak  Mahavidyalaya is working like a family and their combined efforts have jointly contributed in the progress of the college.


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